Rates are based on a maximum of 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week, and 160 hours per month. Excess hours will be charged at a prorated rate. A day of rent will be charged for each business day that the rental unit is in the Renter’s possession. Rent stops when the unit has been returned to RentAllTrucks unless other written arrangements are made.


Unless RentAllTrucks extends credit to the Renter, payment is required prior to delivery of the rental unit.


The Renter takes delivery of the rental unit at RentAllTrucks and is responsible for any transportation costs to haul the unit to Renter’s work site.


The Renter must provide a certificate of insurance covering the following:

(1) general liability (not less than $1 million per occurrence)

(2) comprehensive fire and theft and general liability on the rental unit

(3) workers compensation as required by law. Fleet Guy, LLC dba RentAllTrucks is to be named additional insured and loss payee.


Renter agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless RentAllTrucks, its employees, its clients and its affiliates from all liabilities, losses, damages, demands, claims, suits, costs and legal expenses in any way arising out of or related to this rental. Renter’s violation of law or regulation and/or Renter’s negligence or other fault, or that of its agents, or employees, or subcontractors, except for that portion of any losses which are solely attributable to the negligence or willful misconduct of RentAllTrucks. This indemnity specifically covers any claims asserted by Renter’s employees for personal injury or other loss.


The Renter is responsible for servicing the rental unit according to the manufacturer’s service recommendations. Daily checks of oil and coolant levels, daily checks for leaks, oil and filter changes, lubrication, and inspection of the unit for abnormal conditions are required.


RentAllTrucks is responsible for all repairs required as a result of normal wear and use, as defined by RentAllTrucks. Renter is responsible for the rental unit and will be charged for damage due to abuse, neglect, collision, upset and/or wear from use in extreme conditions. When a unit is damaged your current rental charges will be ongoing until the necessary repairs have been completed, and the unit is ready for rental.